Erik Jørgensen - The Manufacturer

A Classic is softened

In 1970 Erik Jørgensen designed the classic EJ 220 as well as the EJ 270 sofa, which since then became one of the cornerstones in Erik Jørgensen’s collection and the archetypal, classic Danish box sofa. In 2010, the classic sofa was introduced in a new soft lounge version called EJ 280.  

EJ 280 is now introduced under a new name; Pure. In connection with the new name the sofa also debuts as a modular corner sofa with larger pillows, which give the sofa a softer look.

Design your very own modular sofa

Delphi was designed by the Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein in 2007. The sofa equals quality and minimalistic design and is the epitome of a true Erik Jørgensen sofa, with its beautiful upholstery details and stitching, and the possibility of choosing to have the plinth made in leather, fabric or oak.  

Delphi can be designed from 16 different modules, which allows you to obtain your very own unique sofa combination. The modules can be put together to accommodate a large family, when you need room for everyone to gather. It can also appear as the classic 2- or 3-seater sofa. Delphi is a sofa that can adapt to a family’s changing needs over many years. until 31 October 2018, you can design your very own modular sofa in selected fabrics at a desirable price. 

Earth Layers - A landscape of complementing colours

Step into the arts

The new showroom has been designed with a special focus on creating a holistic experience that is both down to earth and artistic. This year, the focus has been on creating a continuous experience, where the different rooms are beautifully united, by the tones exquisitely complimenting each other from room to room. This time the placement of the furniture creates the experience of small art installations, where one experience slides into the other. By pulling the furniture into the space, the various pieces are displayed as small works of art.

Home Collection:

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