Erik Jørgensen - The Manufacturer

A Classic is softened

In 1970 Erik Jørgensen designed the classic EJ 220 as well as the EJ 270 sofa, which since then became one of the cornerstones in Erik Jørgensen’s collection and the archetypal, classic Danish box sofa. In 2010, the classic sofa was introduced in a new soft lounge version called EJ 280.  

EJ 280 is now introduced under a new name; Pure. In connection with the new name the sofa also debuts as a modular corner sofa with larger pillows, which give the sofa a softer look.

Craftsmanship up close

We are passionate about craftsmanship. Have a look into our production and see the beauty behind our furniture up close.

Ox Chair – Wegner's favourite easy chair

In 1960, Hans J. Wegner explored the potential of upholstered furniture in depth with his design of the Ox-chair. Not only was the Ox chair Wegner’s favourite easy chair, it also marked the beginning of Wegner’s redefinition of traditional seating design. 

Upholstered furniture, such as the Ox Chair, is a temptation to any furniture designer due to its potential for free, organic, sculpted lines that offer an opportunity to create something truly sculptural. The Ox Chair was Wegner’s boldest and most sculptural piece.